Conversations with the editor…

Usually we meet for lunch but on this occasion we had an early start travelling to Westminster to hear Alistair McGrath on the King James Bible. It was excellent. Then a Wycliffe Bible translator talked about his story of translating the Bible into a language spoken by 14,000.

I asked the editor what he thought about that and whether there were some languages spoken by too few people (who speak other languages) to justify the translation effort. He said that it would always be preferable for people to read it in their won tongue. I can’t imagine even having to manage with one English translation so I suppose he may be right on this occasion.

He then told me about an article about sharing the Gospel with the Klingons. For a moment I thought the early morning had messed up his brain. But it was a consideration of what our missional responsibility would be if intelligent life were discovered from beyond the earth. I suggested that it would depend on whether these creatures were made in the image of God and if there had been a Fall. Hopefully, this isn’t something we will need to consider before the Olympics.

It led me to state one of my beliefs that Jesus could not have been incarnated as one of us if we were not made in His image. The idea that God couldn’t do anything disturbed the editor, but I challenged this with the Scripture that it is impossible for God to lie. I think that on this occasion the editor might be wrong.

Finally we ate breakfast at Churchill’s which we both agreed was the late Prime Minister’s favourite fry-up. During this time I was able to show him that pencils and pens are right-handed. He was not convinced but in time he’ll come around.

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