So, a dog catches the bus…; print-a-car; and, “kiss and ride”…

January 21st, 2015 by

It may sound like an urban myth but a dog in Seattle has apparently taken to riding city buses without its owner. Eclipse, a black Labrador, has reportedly been using a bus to get to a dog park - a ride of about four stops. Transport authorities and bus travellers have confirmed the story with one saying the dog wagged its tail when it reached the stop where the dog park is. The dog’s owner, Jeff Young, told a local TV station he’s happy with the arrangement. “We get separated. She gets on the bus without me, and I catch up with her at the dog park,” he said.

A US company has produced a two seat car on a 3D printer and intends putting the plans up for sale later this year. Local Motors says it takes 44 hours to print the car’s frame, panels and some interior features out of a carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (they intend lowering the print time to 24 hours) which is then outfitted with a battery, motor, wiring and suspension from a Renault car. The ‘Strati’ will reportedly sell for between $US18,000 and $US30,000.

A “Kiss and Ride” sign has reportedly been installed at a railway station in the UK in a bid to keep traffic moving when people are getting dropped off. The sign - located at Preston Station in Lancashire - has apparently gone viral as people post it on social media with some wags dubbing the rather drab station ‘The new Paris’. It’s apparently not the first time such signs have been used - they are said to be a feature at several stations and even airports in Europe.

A present for someone who has everything; Gandalf for president; and no more phones…

December 17th, 2014 by

Looking for the perfect Christmas present for someone who has everything? How about a box of nothing? The creators of a website - You Need Nothing - have been selling “A Box of Nothing” for prices ranging up to €199 (for a deluxe version). Proceeds from the sale of the boxes are donated to Oxfam, according to the website. Sadly, the 350 boxes priced at just €34 are already sold out but it is possible to still snare one of 10 deluxe versions when we checked. The box was reportedly created by a group of designers tying to encourage a philanthropic spirit at Christmas.

Darth Vader unsuccessfully ran for president in Ukraine and now there’s a call for Gandalf, a wizard from Lord of the Rings, to step up to the plate in Belarus at next year’s elections. The Belarus, My Country opposition group has reportedly adopted ‘Gandalf for President’ as its campaign slogan but, in acknowledgement that Gandalf himself may be hard to pin down, they’re looking for a local candidate to fill the post who may exhibit similar qualities of wisdom and leadership. Belarus has been under the authoritarian rule of President Alexander Lukashenko for 20 years.

An Italian priest, tired of having people talking on their mobile phones during mass and even funerals, has reportedly resorted to installing a jamming device in his church. Father Michele Madonna, who says he obtained the permission of police before installing the device, says that while people used to switch off their phone in embarrassment when it rang, now they simply cup their hand around the receiver and carry on talking.

World’s smallest Bible?; a wing with your prayer?; and, there can be only one Kim Jong-un…

December 12th, 2014 by

A New Testament reportedly measuring less than five millimetres wide has laid a claim to being the world’s smallest Bible. Created by the Jerusalem Nano Bible company, the Bible contains all 27 books of the New Testament with each letter measuring just 0.18 microns wide and can, as a result, only be read using a microscope. The Bible, which is being marketed as an ornament or a piece of jewellery - it can be hung on a necklace, for example - is written in the original Greek text. The Israel-based company says the Bible is now being considered by Guinness World Records for the record of “world’s smallest Bible”.

On a wing and a prayer - or in this case, hot wings with your prayers. Alabama-based Riverchase United Methodist Church plans to launch a new worship service at Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar this weekend as part of an attempt to reach out to people who wouldn’t normally come to church. “We hope it’s going to be a more inviting atmosphere,” Rev Wesley Savage told People will be encouraged to stay for lunch after the short morning service (but no beer will be served as part of the service itself).

Authorities in North Korea have ordered people who have the same name as leader Kim Jong-un to change it, according to reports from South Korea. TV station KBS reported that people who share the name must not only stop using it but have it officially changed while no newborns can be given it. The move follows similar bans on the use of the names of Kim Jong-un’s father, King Jong-il, and grandfather, Kim Il-sung. While there will be no-one in the north with the name, that isn’t the case in the south, where the Wall Street Journal says it’s relatively popular.

Richard III raises questions over royal lines; house sale a roller-coaster ride; and, a human waste-powered bus…

December 3rd, 2014 by

Researchers at the University of Leicester studying a skeleton they are 99.999 per cent sure is that of King Richard III have unearthed genetic information which shows breaks in the male line between Richard and his later male relatives. Leader of the international team studying the body - found under a car park in Leicester, Dr Turi King, says that their study showed there wasn’t a link between Richard, who died in 1485, and relatives of his wider family who are alive today. “So doing the Y chromosome work, I found that there wasn’t a link between Richard III and the male line relatives who are alive today. So clearly…the DNA is telling us that there has been a non-paternity or break in that male line chain between the 5th Duke of Beaufort, who is a common male line ancestor, and Richard III…” The researchers say the break could raise questions about the legitimacy of the claims to the throne of both the Houses of Lancaster and York. Another of the researchers, history professor Kevin Schürer, says further investigations are needed to determine where the break or breaks might be. While it’s been speculated that the find could raise a question-mark over the legitimacy of Queen Elizabeth II’s claim to the throne, Professor Schürer told English newspapers: “We are not in any way indicating that Her Majesty should not be on the throne.”

Failing to attract a buyer for his home, a man selling his house in The Netherlands’ town of Ermelo has apparently decided to make viewing his home an experience people won’t quickly forget by installing a mini roller coaster to show them around. A promotional video shows the one person carts taking prospective buyers through the property’s various rooms and grounds with a few exciting twists and drops along the way. That’s one way to make an impact - and it certainly has with the number of online views of the video topping 1.5 million after just one day.

• Back in the UK and a bus powered by food waste and human excrement has gone into service in the country’s south-west. The 40 seat “Bio-Bus” reportedly runs on biomethane gas generated through a process involving human and food waste and produces less emissions than traditional diesel engines. It will run between Bath and Bristol Airport. GENeco, the company which run the Bristol sewage treatment works where the gas is generated, is also injecting the gas into the UK’s national network.

Drive-through prayers; Mayor Frida (the dog); and, rescuing lost teddies…

November 26th, 2014 by

A US church is offering a drive-through prayer option to its congregants. The Catholic Holy Spirit Church in Fremont, California, is offering people the chance to drive-through between 5pm and 6pm on weeknights for those who are looking for prayer on the go. Priest Mathew Vellankal, told NBC: “We are living in a time when people don’t have a lot of time on the go, so we wanted to provide something like drive-through food, drive-through coffee - why not drive-through God?” People are invited to park at the church where a volunteer church member will approach and spend a couple of moments in prayer for them. Fr Vellankal told the San Jose Mercury News the idea was inspired by Pope Francis who said “we should go where the people are”. “We live in a fast-paced society and if people don’t have an hour to pray, they might have a few minutes. So we want to offer a little comfort and solace to people who are extremely busy.”

• Still in the same region of the US and Frida may be a dog (a chihuahua, in fact) but last week - on 18th November - she was also the Mayor of San Francisco. Frida won the day-long role after her owner Dean Clark paid $5000 for the privilege as part of a campaign being run in support of the US city’s animal shelter. Frida’s official Facebook page contains a host of pictures from Her Honor’s big day. Last year, authorities transformed the city into Gotham City for a day in honor of Batkid (aka cancer survivor, then five-year-old Miles Scott).

We’ve all had occasions where we’ve cried for our lost teddybears (or at least we’ve cried when we’ve discovered our kids have lost their teddies and are making it clear to us that life will not go on as usual without them!). Now comes a service to reunite us with those loved ones who got left behind somewhere along the way. British train company First Great Western has launched a Teddy Rescue website where they’ve posted mugshots of bears which have been left behind on the rail network (which appropriately includes London’s Paddington Station - after whom, of course, Paddington Bear was named). Among those bears currently on the site are bears and soft toys lost in Plymouth, Bristol, Bath and Reading. Those who have lost bears are invited to email in with details. We love it!

The world’s biggest sandcastle?; a sizeable gingerbread village; and, superheroes return to the 16th century…

November 19th, 2014 by

It’s a spectacular sandcastle to be sure. But is it the world’s tallest? American professional sandcastle artist (yep, there is such a job) Rusty Croft built a towering city-like ‘castle’ on the sands of Niteroi, Brazil, not far from Rio de Janeiro, earlier this month, using 20 truckloads of sand and taking a week to do so. It reportedly stands at 39 feet (11.89 metres), well above the previous record of 37 feet, 10 inches (11.53 metres), but last reports have the Guinness World Records team on their way to officially confirm the record (and as of now, according to the Guinness World Records website, the tallest was still built by Ed Jarrett in Farmington, Connecticut, in May 2011).

While we’re talking record breaking achievements, what’s billed as the world’s largest gingerbread village has opened in New York. Located at the New York Hall of Science, the exhibit ‘Gingerbread Lane’ took around 1,500 hours of labour to build. Last year’s village - which featured 157 buildings - won the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest - this year’s, which reportedly features 1,000 houses, 95 trees, six cable cars, five train cars, a subway station, skating rink and more, blows that record away. Verification pending!

A French photographer has remade some old masters with a twist. Sasha Goldberger has captured a series of superheroes and film icons - everyone from Iron Man to Batman to Yoda - posing for photographs showing them as they might have appeared in Flemish paintings of the 16th century. Complete with an historical take on their costume - which in many cases includes a ruff - the photographic series Super Flemish was apparently created using a team of costume designers, makeup artists, hairdressers and more than 60 actors. You can see some of the series here.

A new republic declared in Brisbane?; paying rather a lot for a watch; and, an all-in-one meal…

November 12th, 2014 by

The bayside Brisbane suburb of Wynnum yesterday apparently declared independence. “Wynnum is already regarded by most of Brisbane as being another country, so it’s really not that big a leap to actually become one,” a spokesperson was quoted as saying in the statement. “Although it is Brisbane’s seaside - being the closest beach to the Brisbane CBD - it is right on the edge of the Brisbane City Council area and doesn’t get the attention it deserves.” Citizenship of the Republic of Wynnum, which has a population of around 24,000, is open to anyone and in statement released yesterday, those behind the move said passports could be applied for at official officers. With the slogan of “Conveniently close to Australia”, the new state includes the suburbs of both Wynnum and Wynnum West and those behind the new state say the neighbouring suburbs of Lytton and Port Brisbane are welcome to apply to join the new state as are the islands St Helena Island, Green Island, and Lamb Island in Moreton Bay. Representatives of the republic have invited all delegates at the G20 to visit the “new country” and apply for a passport. For more on the new ’state’ check out

A gold pocket watch has confirmed its reputation as one most valuable items on earth after selling for $24 million at a Sotherby’s auction in Geneva this week. Handmade by Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe, the Henry Graves Supercomplication is described as “the most famous watch in the world and the most complicated watch ever made by human hands without computer-assisted technology”. It was completed in 1932 for New York banker Henry Graves, Jr. It comes with 24 features - or “complications” - including a perpetual calendar and a map of the stars above Graves’ home.

Looking to combine your main and dessert in one item? UK food chain Hungry Horse has released a “double donut burger”, made up of “two beef burgers topped with melted cheese, four smoked streaky bacon rashers & BBQ sauce served in two grilled, glazed ring donuts”. Reportedly containing almost 2000 calories, the new burger has been reportedly attacked by at least one academic as a “heart attack on a plate”.

The ‘reality’ of time travel, teleportation and invisibility; calling Elizabeth Gallagher; and, a new world puddle-jumping champion…

November 5th, 2014 by

In the wake of news the hoverboard is in development comes word that time travel, teleportation and invisibility cloaks won’t just be the stuff of science fiction in the future but, say academics, could become fact in the next 100 years. Experts from Imperial College London and the University of Glasgow have told the Telegraph in London that time travel - already possible, although the record is just 0.02 seconds (set by Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev) - could be happening over far greater periods of time by the year 2,100 while teleportation (zipping instantaneously from one location to another) could be a regular occurrence by 2080 and invisibility cloaks (toward which considerable headway has already been made) could be able to be worn in the next 10 or 20 years. What an age we live in.

It’s a free trip around the world but there’s one big catch - your name has to be Elizabeth Gallagher and you have to be a Canadian. Canadian Jordan Axani is looking for a companion to accompany him on a globe-trotting trip which he had booked with his then girlfriend, Elizabeth Gallagher, back in March. Problem is, they’ve since broken up so Axani is now looking for someone to fill Gallagher’s shoes. But they have to be pretty much an exact fit to use the tickets booked in Gallagher’s name. Axani has taken his problem to Reddit - and the answers have since started flooding in. Stay tuned…

A nine-year-old girl has beaten off a field of some 400 people to be crowned the world puddle-jumping champion. Charlie Sleight reportedly took out the honour which is judged on a range of criteria including height of jump, size and distance of splash, the amount of mud which sticks to the competitor and, importantly, enthusiasm. The Telegraph also reports that event was organised as part of PlayDay - a free initiative held at Wickstead Park in the UK town of Kettering which is named for Charles Wickstead, inventor of the modern-day slide and swing.

England’s plot to seize Nessie; NZ all abuzz over choc milk; and, windowless passenger planes…

October 29th, 2014 by

It was the plot to capture Nessie. A newly found letter shows how in 1934 - a year after the first sighting of the monster which purportedly lurks in Loch Ness - an official at the Natural History Museum in London urged any bounty hunters who came across the monster to shoot it on sight and deliver the carcass to the museum. The official - responding to a question as to what the museum’s policy on the beast was - also states that should the whole carcass not be available, “a flipper, a jaw or a tooth would be very welcome”. Details of the letter are reportedly contained in a new book, Britain’s X-traordinary Files. Written by David Clarke, it also contains details of fears in Scotland that, if captured, the creature would be taken to England showing how, in another letter written in 1934, the Royal Scottish Museum expressed its view to the Secretary of State for Scotland, Sir Godfrey Collins, that it should have rights to the monster “if and when its corpse should become available”. It said taking it to England, “would surely outrage Scottish nationalism which at the moment is thriving greatly under the Monster’s beneficent influence”.

Supermarkets are hiring security guards to protect stocks of chocolate milk in New Zealand. Demand for the Lewis Road Creamery’s Fresh Chocolate Milk is reportedly such that people are queueing for hours to snare themselves a bottle of the nectar. There are also reports counterfeits have been appearing to cash on the craze for the milk while online auctions are apparently demanding as much as $1000 for a 750 ml bottle. Seriously.

It may not be advisable for those who don’t like heights. The UK-based Centre for Process Innovation has unveiled concept art for a windowless passenger plane which instead projects images taken by cameras attached to the outside of the fuselage onto the internal walls, making the passengers feel as though they’re floating on air. Of course, while people are excited by the possibilities the tech will offer - it could be used, for example, to make passengers feel like they’re flying to the Death Star - there’s no doubt if adopted ads will soon appear. Still, as long as they’re panoramic…

Of hoverboards, erasing memories, and a record for records…

October 23rd, 2014 by

It’s been the dream of people for years - ever since our eyes first caught a glimpse of it in Back to the Future II - but the hoverboard Michael J Fox scoots about town on when playing Marty McFly is now, it seems, a reality. Californian-based company Hendo has created what it has billed as the “world’s first real hoverboard” and is running a campaign on crowd-funding website Kickstarter to develop the technology (it had already raised more than $US250,000 it was seeking when we looked this week - a pledge of $10,000 will get you your own board). The board apparently hovers about an inch off the ground thanks to four “hover engines” which create a magnetic field capable of lifting it above surfaces which are non-ferromagnetic conductors (such as copper). This means, of course, there’s a lot of surfaces it won’t work over so don’t expect to be racing down the footpath but that said the makers are working on their own “hoverpark”, designed specifically to accommodate the board. A project to make Doc Emmett proud.

While we’re talking tech, scientists in the US have apparently used light to erase specific memories from the minds of mice in what some say could be a big step towards the creation of the ‘Neuralyzers’ used to erase memories in the Men in Black movies. Researchers at the UC Davis Center for Neuroscience and the Department of Psychology announced their findings earlier this month in the journal Neuron. Researcher Brian Wiltgen said their findings have supported a long-held theory that retrieving memories about specific places and events involves coordinated activity between the cerebral cortex and the hippocampus, a small structure deep in the brain. “The cortex can’t do it alone, it needs input from the hippocampus. This has been a fundamental assumption in our field for a long time and Kazu’s (his colleague Kazumasa Tanaka’s) data provides the first direct evidence that it is true.” So, if Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones pull up in a car…

US man Ashrita Furman holds the most official world records (currently 203) - and has set a new world record in doing so. Records currently held by the 60-year-old - who has set as many as 569 official Guinness World Records since 1979 - include throwing the most shaving cream pies in one minute (71), opening the most drink cans in one minute (66), setting the fastest time over 10 kilometres in a sack race (1 hour, 22 minutes, two seconds), and performing the most skips in a minute with a skipping rope while wearing clogs (127). Makes us tired just reading the list!