Japanese popstar not what she seems; Happy Feet lands in NZ; Facebook for holiday-makers; and, child-shaped bollards…

Fans of Japanese girl band AKB 48 got a shock this week when they were informed that the band’s newest member, 16-year-old Aimi Eguchi, wasn’t in fact a person at all. Turns out Aimi is a virtual creation, her features a composite of the other band members, manufactured as part of a marketing campaign the band is undertaking with sweet company Glico.

As far as wrong turns go, it was a big one. An Emperor Penguin was found on Peka Peka Beach on New Zealand’s North Island last week, apparently having made a wrong turn when swimming in Antarctica. The bird, which was eating sand in the mistaken belief it was snow, was taken to Wellington Zoo where it is undergoing treatment before its future is decided. And it’s name? Yep, Happy Feet.

• We all know (or should) that it can be unwise to advertise the fact you’re on a holiday miles from home on a social networking site like Facebook. Ah, hello, burglars. Now a London-based security company, Precreate Solutions, has gone a step further - they’re reportedly offering to update your Facebook or Twitter page while you’re away with comments that make it look as if you’re still, in fact, at home. Don’t they have internet all around the world now?

• Still in the UK, and parents at a Plymouth school have reportedly criticised a proposal to put up child-shaped bollards outside the school as a traffic calming measure, saying the bollards were “too scary” and looked like something out of Dr Who. Surely a Dalek would be just as effective?

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