Live like a hamster; lickable elevators; and, TV for dogs…

• Ever wanted to live like a hamster? A hotel in France has been designed to allow humans to try out life as a hamster. Villa Hamster, located in a modernised 18th century building, reportedly features cages for rooms, haystacks in place of beds and human-sized running wheels. Guests are served organic “hamster grains” and water and have the option of wearing hamster hoodies as well. The hotel in Nantes has apparently been open for three years.

• Riding the elevator may never be the same again. UK biscuit maker McVities’ Jaffa Cakes has created a lift with lickable walls in a London building. It reportedly took food technicians and artists a month to stick more than 1,300 Jaffa Cake-flavoured stickers to the walls. The stickers are apparently removed once licked.

• A new cable channel has been launched in the US aimed solely at dogs. The on-demand channel DOGTV was originally launched in California with the aim of helping stay at home dogs stay out of trouble while their owners are at work. The content is specifically tailored for dogs with sound, colors and camera angles all apparently adjusted accordingly. And the stars of the shows are, of course, dogs. See

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