Wake up - or we’ll shred your cash; innovative sheds; and, cat hats…

Want to make sure you get up in the morning? US man Rich Olson has come up with alarm clock that shreds your cash if you don’t get up and turn it off. The banknotes sit in the top of the contraption and will be shredded soon after the alarm goes off. Now that is incentive. You can see the YouTube video here.

The UK are once again looking for their annual ‘Shed of the Year’ and the entries have revealed sheds resembling everything from pirate ships to trams and the Tardis from Dr Who as well as pubs. Almost 14,000 people voted in the competition and while finalists have been announced, you’ll have to wait until July to see which shed wins. In the meantime head to www.readersheds.co.uk for a gallery of the sheds.

Looking to give your domesticated moggy a little more ‘omph’? Bring out the lion in them by giving them a luxurious golden mane. The feline headpieces, created by US designer Yumiko Landers, come in a range of colours, include ears and are attached under the chin. The ‘hats’ are being sold online via Etsy (dogs will be pleased to know there’s a range also available for them).

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