Of a dogs’ fail; sleep-driving in NZ; and, changing rooms…

It apparently wasn’t the most successful of world record attempts. The UK’s Kennel Club brought 635 dogs together to set a new record for getting the most number of dogs to stay at the one time but the rules that dogs had to sit or lie still for two minutes proved too much with 34 of the animals disqualified. The record remains at 627, set by the RSPCA in 2005.

A New Zealand woman reportedly drove almost 300 kilometres while asleep at the wheel of her car. She even apparently sent text messages while doing so. Having driven from Hamilton through Auckland to the town of Mount Maunganui, she was eventually found still at the wheel sleeping, parked in the driveway of a house where she once lived.

• Remember the guy from The Netherlands who turned his brother’s bedroom into that of a girl’s - painting it pink and adorning it with girly toys - while he was on holiday (all because his brother had tinkered with his Facebook page)? Well, Tobias Mathijen has struck again (supposedly without cause), this time tilting the entire room - still painted pink - 90 degrees in feat of workmanship which took two days to accomplish. Hard to top that.

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