Roadkill on the menu?; park (and kiss); misspelling Jesus; and a friendlier image for a prison…

• While nations, including Australia, continue to talk about the possible uses of roadkill (Tasmanians have recently been talking about the possibilities of ‘recycling’ it), in the UK, the new president of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has suggested eating it. BBC broadcaster Miranda Krestovnikoff - who recently had a dinner party featuring rat, badger and fox all found dead on the road - has reportedly said it would be a good idea to encourage eating roadkill. “It is a chance to get connected to what you eat,” she told the Daily Telegraph. “We’re obsessed by sell-by dates and things like that. But roadkill can be eaten very hygienically. People are too squeamish.”

An Italian town has introduced a new ‘park and kiss’ lane for people bidding their special other farewell to reduce traffic congestion outside a train station. The town of Padova in the country’s north came up with the idea after a survey found kissing couples were delaying cars. The park and kiss lane reportedly has a time limit of 15 minutes.

The Vatican has reportedly withdrawn thousands of papal medals after a rather bad spelling mistake was uncovered. An inscription in Latin, which runs around the edge of the medals and is Pope Francis’ personal motto, had spelt the name of Christ as Lesus, not Jesus.

Prisons are generally known as tough, forbidding sort of places but authorities at Japan’s Asahikawa Prison are trying to soften that image. They’ve reportedly introduced a cuddly mascot known as Katakkuri-chan in a bid to help people understand that prison’s aren’t just a place to lock people up but also play a role in rehabilitating them. The mascot wears the uniform of a prison warden and comes in male and female versions.

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