Having your virtual cake and eating it; world record Christmas lights; and, buying dinosaurs…

Looking to see your virtual cake and taste it? Researchers at the National University of Singapore have reportedly developed a digital taste simulator that can fool your tastebuds into thinking they are tasting food. The device, which is inserted into the mouth and wired to a computer via a ‘control centre’, delivers electric currents to stimulate your tastebuds into thinking they are tasting salty, bitter, sour or sweet foods. The researchers have said they’re currently working on the possibility of reworking the technology to resemble a lollypop.

A family from Canberra, Australia, has reclaimed a Guinness world record for having the most Christmas lights on their house. The Richards family, who first set the record in 2011 before it was awarded to a house in the US a year later, have surpassed all previous efforts by placing 502,165 bulbs on their house - well above their previous record of 331,038. They’re reportedly hoping the decorations will help them raise funds for SIDS & Kids ACT. The lights can be seen at 3 Tennyson Crescent, Forrest, from 1st to 26th December.

Always wanted your own dinosaur? You may have missed your chance. The skeleton of the 17 metre long Diplodocus longus went under the hammer in Sussex in the UK this week, selling for £400,000. Nicknamed ‘Misty’, the female skeleton was found in a private quarry in the US and is relatively intact. The skeleton was purchased by an as yet unnamed institution which auction officials reportedly said would be placing it on public display.

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