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Of talking rubbish bins; planets with two suns; and, a dummy running for mayor…

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Don’t be alarmed if, after you drop something in a public rubbish bin in London or Liverpool, you hear a disembodied voice thanking you. Or a blast of Handel’s Messiah. Or a burp. News came last week of a plan to introduce a range of talking bins in the city centres to encourage people to dispose of their rubbish correctly by rewarding them when they do. The Keep Britain Tidy charity which is behind the move has even recruited some celebrity voices, including comedian and writer Michael Palin, actress Amanda Holden and former England cricketer Phil Tufnell (his bin will be located outside Lord’s cricket ground and will have home saying ‘ Howzat!’ when someone does the right thing). The bins will start appearing on the streets shortly and there are plans to expand the idea to other cities in the UK.

Seems like Star Wars wasn’t all wrong after all. Scientists say they’ve spotted a planet which, like that of Tatooine in Star Wars, has two suns and so, two sunsets. The planet, known as Kepler-16b, lies about 200 light years from earth. The scientists say the fact the suns are quite close together means the planet, a gas giant where temperatures range from a frigid -70 to 100 degrees Celsius (not exactly balmy!), would never have continuous daylight.

A mannequin is reportedly running for mayor in a suburb of the US city of Cincinnati. The life-sized shop dummy, known as BarBe Q, is apparently running on a platform of fighting for small shop owners as they take on fast food chains. Restauranteur Kenny Tessel, who ensured the manniquin’s fame a couple of years ago when he successfully fought a battle against authorities over whether he could display the bikini-clad model outside his restaurant, insists the move is not a stunt.